"Where do we have to go?”

Memorial Hall. 1225 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH If you can’t figure out what to do with this, let us know. We’ll look forward to explaining all our jokes to you too.


“Where do we park?” 


Anywhere you can find a spot, but the Washington Park Garage makes it easy. It’s located just across the street from Memorial Hall!

Fresh air and tight spaces more your style? Try the Gateway Quarter Parking Lot at the corner of 12th & Vine Street.


If you plan on getting there early for a drink at the bar, there’s plenty of street parking too. Just be aware it’s metered, and the Cincy Po-Po are determined to reach their ticket quota. 

“What if we don’t want to worry about parking?”

Cincinnati has a streetcar! There are other options for those who want to avoid the headache of finding a spot and instead want to get dropped off, Oscar’s style.  If you want to get dropped off MTV Movie awards style, we may not be the right festival for you.

Cincinnati has Lyft and Uber.  To use either one, you will need a smartphone to download their app.   If you don’t have a smartphone, ask your kids to come to the show with you.  If they don’t have a smartphone, it may be time to reexamine your life. 

“What about food?”

Memorial Hall is right in the heart of Over-the-Rhine, a historic, downtown neighborhood filled with funky shops, great bars and more dining options than you can shake a stick at (which is exactly what we do in Cincy when we’re hungry). Walk two blocks east of the theatre and hit up Vine Street for OTR faves like Bakersfield OTR, Holtman’s Donuts, the Lackman and Taste of Belgium. Visit www.otrchamber.com for more info! Here’s the low down on some of our favorites:

Bakersfield OTR  – http://www.bakersfieldotr.com/ Straight to the point, their motto is “Tacos, Tequila, Whiskey.” Does it get any better than that? Bakersfield is perfect for late night hankerings after a show. Be prepared: it’s gonna be packed. But there’s a reason for that. Get the house margarita. Seriously. Get it.


Quan Hapa  – http://www.quanhapa.com Improvisers love Asian street food, and Quan Hapa has some of the best. Try the banh mi sandwiches and noodles. There’s sure to be a wait, so we recommend calling ahead and picking it up to go. Their cozy bar is a great place to enjoy a drink as well.


The Eagle OTR  – On the cutting edge of cool, this place didn’t even bother putting up their own website, but the word is out among those who know. From the 16 different taps featuring local brews to the straightforward, responsibly-raised American fare, The Eagle OTR is doing it the way we would if we owned a bar. And if you like Blues music, this is the place to be.


Or, if you trust the crowd, this is who the Yelp mob says is winning.

“Why should I come to the festival?”

Because we’re funny. And we have funny friends who you should see. Like Working Title!

“What's a Working Title?"


You don't follow the Atlanta, GA improv scene? That’s cool. Here’s what you need to know:

Working Title, featuring Amber Nash (the voice of Pam Poovey on FXX's "Archer"!) and Kevin Gillese (the artistic director of Dad's Garage Theatre in Atlanta!) first formed in 2010 - inspired by the screenwriting book Save the Cat, it was originally called Kill the Dog which was a terrible name but we stuck with it for several years. After 2 European tours, a few festival appearances and running at Dad's Garage for several years they finally changed the name to Working Title and it's much better.

Don’t feel bad.  Working Title doesn't hold grudges. That's what they have us for. 

“How do I help out?”


Laugh. And tell your friends.  And then laugh with your friends.


“But I’m an overachiever and want to do more.”


We are actively seeking volunteers to help in a variety of roles – box office, ushering, set-up & clean-up, marketing, and more. More details and specific roles will be posted closer to the festival. If you are interested in volunteering for the festival and seeing shows for FREE, contact us at ifcincy@otrimprov.com. 

“How does my group apply to perform next year?”


Hold on, friend.  What makes you think you are ready for our improv Festival?  Just what are your intentions with our little Fest?  You make sure you have Festy home by 10:30.  Sorry, we are a bit protective of our baby.  If you think you have the moral character and purity of heart to try to get with our Festival,  contact us at ifcincy@otrimprov.com.  If you have the moral depravity to pretend like you have a pure heart, then you are probably perfect for our Festival.


“This is our first trip to Cincy. What can we do for fun?”


You’re going to be knee-deep in improv. That’s not enough fun for you?


“Of course it is! But let’s say we’re spending an extra day here. Where should we go?”


We’ll let BuzzFeed help with that:



“You really expect us to read all that?”


Yes.  And we need you to prepare a summary of the themes and motifs of the selection, including any main points.  Please have it on our desk by Monday.  Also, we would read it if it was your city.


“What if you just gave us links to some of your favorite places?”












"That seems like a lot. What if we get thirsty? Anywhere to grab a beer?"

We have one or two places.

“Anything else we should do while we’re here?”


Eat chili.


“Is that a joke?”