Physical Characters with Whitney Millsap

Character work is vital to storytelling. How characters behave and why gives context and flavor to the worlds we are building in our improv scenes. If you find yourself often playing yourself or you’re tired of your same wheelhouse, join us for new discovery of characters through the exploration of physicality and emotion.

Help Us, Help You! with Quintin Hicks and Rico Bruce Wade

Quintin and Rico bring their 26 years of friendship, and combined 56 years of improv instruction to you, in a fast paced duo type workshop that pushes both the art and technique of making your scene partner(s) look good. You’ll play, listen and react in a way that will have you soon “sought out” by your fellow improvisers for your skill in sharing and playfulness.

The Tracer with Peter Fluet

A character focused form that allows teams through a series of unique and disparate two person scenes to create a Tracer. A Tracer is group of scenes that are all bound together by a single event or character that runs through all of them. Each scene stands on their own while also revealing more of and fleshing out further the Tracer. Allowing for a final scene to be the culmination of character and/or scene building throughout the show

Multiverse with Annie O'Connor

Small cast show moves. Students will learn how to play multiple characters in one scene, learn how to do tag runs on their own characters, edit themselves and self cut to without directing it.

The Great Big Pile with My Momma's Biscuits

Improv is a team sport but in the grand pursuit of laughs it can be hard to share focus. This workshop is centered around the idea of being a unit while on stage and offering and opening up space for not only yourself but your Teammates to shine. With a bevy of group exercises and deep listening and world building games the workshop aims to drill the importance of group mind and group play.

Let's Get Freaky with Emily Fightmaster

OK. Let’s get freaky. Like, as freaky as possible. And THEN let’s learn how to sustain that freaky energy over the course of an improvised scene. In this workshop we will get out of our head and into our bodies as we explore how to be big while grounded, loud while listening, and freaky while funny.

Not Always Black and White with Broke Gravy

News Flash! Improv is not known for its diversity. But that’s all changing. Performers and casts are becoming more representative of the global tapestry, and so too are our audiences. So why do we keep giving them the same characters? We each carry with us a unique story and history; and through this workshop, we will tap into that which makes us unique in order to create rich multi-dimensional characters. Characters who are truthfully influenced by their current environment, and flavored by their culture, heritage, geography, and past. Characters whose relationship with each other drives engaging and honest scenes, to which audiences can connect.